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November 15, 2017

It’s been a while and we have some big news!  Our family has been blessed with another beautiful life.  Her name is Amelia “Millie” Pearl and we are so in love.

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Like her brother Amelia came a little early but was ready to grace us with her presence.  I went in for my regular visit and after expressing some concern I was sent to L&D for monitoring.  We had a feeling this would happen at some point since it is exactly what happened with our son Joel.  Nevertheless we headed over to the hospital and were quickly informed that my fluid was low and the safest thing to do would be to deliver our sweet girl. So we made a plan. I was so ready to meet her and enjoy the sweet challenges that come with a new baby.  I dreamed of her face, the color of her hair and I wondered who she would look like. Would her personality be the same when we finally got to meet her as it was while I felt her movements from the inside? I had a million questions that could only be answered by finally seeing her face. So we waited… and waited… ever so impatiently.  IV’s were placed, fluids given, the necessary time had passed (I had just eaten), the hospital was able to find someone to sit with our wonderful boy and it was finally time to head into the operating room.  On the walk to the operating room I said a quick prayer for my girl like I had so many times before in our almost nine months together. I was ready for this..

About thirty minutes later my spinal block was in place (I had the coolest Anesthesiologist). The operating room didn’t intimidate me this time.  There were jokes and quick witted quips. Amelia was born into a room full of joy and laughter.  It was beautiful, peaceful and calm.  Amelia was born at 10:12 PM measuring in at 20″ long and 6.9 Lbs.  She was wonderfully healthy with a perfect little button nose, ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. How could I want more? I was blessed and felt highly favored in this moment and every moment with her since.

This time it wasn’t an emergency, this time I wasn’t scared. I breathed in every single moment of her birth. I made a choice to be mindful and in the moment. I didn’t want to miss a thing since this would be the last time I experienced this wild wonder. I am so thankful for our doctors and nurses who helped us all make it through safely. Every single one of them helped to make it a clam and relaxed experience.

Recovery was much better this time around.  We had made plans for my husband to be off with us for two weeks after her birth but of course since Amelia came early this changed things a bit.  Kyle was able to stay with me for the entire hospital stay but a day after we arrived home he had to return to work. It helped so much that My Dad and Stepmom came from Texas be with me during this week.  They’ll never know how much it meant to have their company and help. I stayed home for exactly one day before I decided to get out and among the living again. I needed to keep moving forward for my physical and mental health. And I was determined to get into a routine as quickly as possible. Our first day out we went for lunch and a walk around Estes Park and both enjoyed the fresh air. We spend most of our days at the library or park lately.

Amelia is two months old today and our love for her has only grown. She loves to kick around on her play mat and has started babbling to us.  If you’re wondering, she looks very much like her Daddy.  Amelia has beautiful dark hair and olive skin. My only hope is that her eyes turn green like mine. I’d imagine they won’t since I am the only one in my family with green eyes, but a Mama can hope!

Joel adores her and wants to help in every way possible.  He sings to her, reads to her, recites poems that he has made up for her and tries to teach her everything there is to know about Sonic the Hedgehog.  BEST BROTHER EVER. The love he has for her is so beautiful to see. He tells me how happy he is to have a sister and how much he can’t wait for her to big enough to play with him.  Joel has adjusted so well to having to share attention. When I was pregnant I worried about how this transition would go. But thankfully, he knew exactly what he wanted and has made his love her very clear and we feel so blessed. Amelia is the first person that Joel mentions in his prayers and his first Good Morning faithfully every day.

God has entrusted us with these abundantly breathtaking souls.  I can’t fathom how He saw fit for Kyle & I to be their parents. But I rest soundly in knowing that my role as their Mom is a divine appointment with an eternal influence.  Everyday I wake up with a goal to not only do one step better than my parents did for me but to do more. To be more for them, the Mom they deserve. And now I get to do it twice over with twice the love and laughs.  We are thankful for each day with our babies! I’ve put some of our favorite photos so far in a gallery above.

Thank you for reading! <3


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