The Value of a Teacher on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

March 2, 2016

Today on Dr. Seuss’ birthday it seems only fitting to write about my appreciation for my son’s pre-school teacher, Ms. Ellie.

Not to sound dramatic or anything but Ms. Ellie was sent DIRECTLY from heaven just for Joel.  I know every parent dotes on their littles and we are no different.  But at times, Joel can be a very… (hmm, what’s the right word?) challenging child.  Let’s just say there was a behavior chart involved at one point, that he (thankfully) no longer needs for motivation

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The way Ms. Ellie handles all of the children is remarkable but especially with Joel she really shines.  There are no unrealistic expectations or unattainable goals for the children.   There is a true air of desired success, achievement and her love for her students more than fills the classroom. 

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”   – Mark Van Doren

You see, everything with Joel is negotiable but he also is loving and supremely emotional.  All of which require a very patient, intelligent and understanding human.  Ms. Ellie has not only molded Joel but me as well with her kind words and never-give-up attitude.  No matter the problem, she is ready and willing to try new things.

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In a world where parents are often told their child might have a hyperactive disorder, learning disability or is just too difficult to deal with, Ms. Ellie has stood apart from this crowd.  I am forever grateful that this school and this teacher have been our first experience with education as a family.  Thank you to the teachers who genuinely care about the development and cultivation of good tiny humans. Just know your awesomeness does not go un-noticed.

Cheers to you Ms. Ellie!

Remember to be thankful for those extra special teachers.  This way we cultivate more good teachers for the future!

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