Explore America Summer 2016 {Hot Springs, Arkansas}

August 7, 2016

When I was younger we went on a road trip almost every summer.  While there may have been some arguing and bad attitudes, those are some of my most favorite memories from childhood. This year, we had our first big Hansen family road trip.  The ultimate destination was Kenlake, Kentucky for a family reunion.  But along the way we found some great stops that I can’t wait to share.  We loaded up the RV with games, books, pillows and blankets and hit the road! Let’s go explore America!

The first stop was Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Even though we live in Texas and have visited family in Louisiana more times than we can count we decided to see what an Alligator farm would be like in Arkansas. Turned out it was just a weird as we thought it would be.  But in a good way!

There was a petting zoo that had goats of multiple varieties and all kinds and colors of beautiful deer. Joel actually asked me at one point when we were feeding the goats if the goats would be the alligators lunch. Haha! I guess he is really paying attention to all of those wildlife documentaries that we watch. There were wolves, raccoons, a mountain lion, beautiful turkeys, an albino peacock, lemurs and tons of alligators of course.  They even had a giant snapping turtle that was over 100 years old!

Here are some of my favorite iPhone photos from this awesomely weird place.

Explore America Hot Springs

He was amazed by the giant alligator hanging from the ceiling.

Explore America Hot Springs

We got there almost at closing time so we didn’t get to hold any alligators but you usually can hold one of these little guys.

Explore America Hot Springs

Then we found the much bigger ones!

Explore America Hot Springs

We got so close to these that we could hear them hissing at us!

Explore America Hot Springs

Umm… A merman skeleton! Joel was totally petrified by this. We ended up having an entire conversation about mermen later.

Explore America Hot Springs

And of course, literally everywhere we stopped if they had a pressed penny machine we got at least one! This is road trip must.

After all of this weird fun we piled back into the RV and drove around sight seeing in Hot Springs.  Then the kids settled in for a small nap as we hopped on the freeway for our next stop.. Downtown Little Rock!

Have any cool places to recommend visting in Hot Springs?

Please share, we definitely plan on going back to explore the fantastic bath houses one day!



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